Each tea purchase comes with organically and ethically grown loose theleaf tea, carefully blended to create the perfect cup.

History & Awards

1984 at an early age, our founder starts his young entrepreneur career in on of the largest cities in the world. At his early age, he often saw coffee and tea street vendors walk down the streets of Mexico City, indulging the shop owners with great beverages. He convinced the owner of the mobile coffee business, to allow him rent a rocket-space like thermo. Right before school he would start his coffee run, that allowed him to taste the early success of the coffee and tea business.

1992 Our Founder becomes the first Lead Barista for The Perfect Grind, where he learns all about coffee roasting, coffee blends, and coffee wholesale. Working as a barista for many local cafes and national franchises our founder wins many competitions and media recognition such as “Barista of the Year” by the Anchorage Press. This was just the begging to a long career in the food industry, working his way up to the Corporate World as a Corporate Trainer.

2015 After many years in Corporate, helping hundreds of business leaders and entrepreneurs,and during the recession, our founder is forced to look for other opportunities. With the help of his wife they start a pre-made meal business “Ready Made Dinners” where customers frequently asked for dine-in options.

RMD Cafe is born and this gives our founder the opportunity to add one of his long time passions “Coffee and Tea”. After trying many local brands and in search for the best coffee quality, a partnership is formed with a local coffee roster and Ollin Coffee is born. (ollin-means “movement” in the Ancient Aztec Language)

Looking for a coffee blend similar to coffee roasted by hand by growers in Latin America. For the first time a roaster and a chef unite together to create a unique coffee blend. Shortly the new coffee company in Alaska becomes a favorite for many loyal customers.

During an Independent Blind Test “Ollin Coffee” is selceted as the best coffee blend in Alaska


2016 Ollin Coffee Co. acquires Yukon Tea. This merge allows us to expand our products with over 150 different teas.

Ollin Tea & Coffee features the Largest Tea Display in N. America.

Ollin Tea & Cafe becomes a fast casual restaurant, offering Salads, Smoothies, Signature Sandwiches, Paninis, using Fresh Ingredients  and as much Organic products available in Alaska.

Ollin Tea & Cafe offers an extensive menu of Teas and Coffee including;

Slow Brewed Coffee (a method where coffee is slowly brewed over 12 hours where coffee is less acidic and with less oils but with as much as twice caffeine)

Mexican Coffee ( Coffee made in a french press with African rooibos cinnamon and other spices)

Cortadito ( Pure Coffee with steamed half & half )

Nitro Coffee ( Pressured Slowed Coffee giving a natural creamy flavor done by the microscopic bubbles created by the Food-Grade Nitro) served chilled


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Green Teas

Japanese Tea has a characteristic fresh grassy taste and aroma, with hints of ocean mist from this island nation. Japanese green tea is  of the highest qualities that come from small growers who have perfected the craft. Tea was originally brought to Japan by Buddhist monks during the Song dynasty, after which Japan developed their own unique styles. Now you can enjoy the finest teas at Ollin Tea & Cafe with the largest tea selection.
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Learning Class -Tea or Coffee Sampling

Want to gain deeper knowledge  into what makes each tea or coffee unique?

Tea Class; Learn how to make an excellent cup of hot white tea. Learn hot to brew an excellent cup of hot herbal tea. Learn how to make excellent oolong tea. Manish explains the unique water temperature and steep times that an oolong tea requires.

Coffee Class; We’ll provide expert hands-on espresso making, pour-over brewing instruction, show you how to tailor your brew recipe and grind size, and offer advice in finding your perfect coffee(s). You’ll taste, brew, and take home some of our favorite tools of the trade.

Open to the public; registration required.

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